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    “Smart” hiking to discover the beauty of the Treviso Pre-Alps

Prealpi Flash is a guide that ranges from simple walks suitable for everyone to challenging itineraries on the highest peaks of the ridge. 430 km of routes with detailed descriptions of elevation, difficulty, distance, geo-referencing, photos and insights, for one of the most beautiful sceneries in Veneto, from Segusino to Vittorio Veneto, passing through the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Simple walks suitable for everyone or challenging itineraries on the highest peaks of the ridge, suitable only for the most experienced hikers. Both popular and lesser-known routes, with particular attention to the reopening of historic trails.

The itineraries are all equipped with Tobacco maps and GPS tracks, consisting of 47 basic routes plus 10 variants.

“…The Treviso Pre-Alps have been my second home for a long time. I have traveled every valley, every peak, meeting people who have filled me with knowledge over the many years spent I spent backpacking. I loved them, repeatedly told their story thinking that I had finished my work as a storyteller of the mountain. However, I realized that I had not discovered everything there was to discover.”

About Giovanni Carraro

Giovanni Carraro was born in Pieve di Cadore on 4 March 1966.
A great mountain lover, he started exploring most of the Dolomite peaks and the Prealpine area from an early age. He decided to let the public know about his experiences gathered over many years of excursions, writing his first book Riscoprire le Prealpi Trevigiane (Rediscovering the Treviso Prealps) in 2011 which was followed by I sentieri nascosti delle Prealpi Trevigiane (The hidden paths of the Treviso Prealps) in 2013, Visentin selvaggio (Wild Visentin) in 2015 and La Stecca Prealpina (The Prealpine Stick) in 2020.
He works with the television channel Telebelluno and is an external journalist for the Gazzettino.

He lives in Susegana (TV) where he owns a shop. He is a freelance journalist (Order of Journalists of Veneto no. 162555 dated 4.07.16), drone pilot (ENAC n.IAPRA.000656), CAI member since 1989, AIS sommelier since 2010, F.I.E. National Excursion Guide since 2015, and supporting member of the Unesco Dolomites Foundation.