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    Tour of the Fiadora area

    Walking between the two crosses of Follina and Valmareno

  • Difficulty: Low
  • Time: 2 h 30'
  • Length: km 6,1
  • Altitude: m 593
  • Starting point:
    Follina, Ponte del Cristo
  • Starting point coordinates:
    45°57’18.38″N 12° 7’10.44″E


A hiking itinerary that starts just around the corner of Follina. The route begins near the Ponte del Cristo on the Corin stream, located north-east of the abbey, along the road… continue in the book

Fun facts:
The aforementioned Fiadora stream is also called Filadora, as it used to supply energy to the historic textile factories of Follina. In the past it fed the old woolen mill of the Barberis – Rusca palace and… continue in the book