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    The Guia - Vidor crossing

    A walk on the small mountains of the Quartier del Piave

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Time: 5 h
  • Length: km 14,5
  • Altitude: m 530
  • Starting point:
    Guia, church of San Giacomo
  • Ending point:
    Vidor, centro polifunzionale
  • Starting point coordinates:
    45°54’27.90″N 12° 3’23.66″E
  • Ending point coordinates:
    45°51’33.50″N 12° 2’35.19″E


The mountains that extend between Vittorio Veneto and Valdobbiadene open up to a magnificent scenery between the villages along the Pedemontana and the Quartier del Piave… continue in the book

Fun Facts:
The Abbey of Saint Bona was built between 1106 and 1110 thanks to donations from the Da Vidor family. Managed by the Benedictine monks of Pomposa, it is located in a particularly strategic site where for centuries… continue in the book