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    The "Cal se Culié"

    Excursion to the east coast of the San Boldo Pass

  • Difficulty: Low
  • Time: 3h 30'
  • Length: km 10,3
  • Altitude: m 620
  • Starting point:
    Tovena, de Bafa’s fountain
  • Starting point coordinates:
    45°59’8.01″N 12°10’21.82″E


Tovena and San Boldo are the symbols of a centuries-old passage of peoples from the northern lands. Noblemen, traders, but also pilgrims who travelled from Central Europe to… continue in the book

Fun facts:
Among the various peoples who passed through the San Boldo pass there were also the Franks, who tried to quell a revolt of the Lombard duke Rotgaudo in 776 AD in Friuli. This… continue in the book