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    Pedeguarda and the "Busa Scalona"

    Discovering an ancient legend

  • Difficulty: Low
  • Time: 2h 30'
  • Length: km 7,8
  • Altitude: m 193
  • Starting point:
    Pedeguarda di Follina, church of San Nicolò
  • Starting point coordinates:
    45°55’43.30″N 12° 9’10.27″E


At first glance, Pedeguarda di Follina does not seem to offer good hiking options but it’s enough to enter the beautiful valleys and ridges that surround the town to discover a landscape… continue in the book

Fun facts:
In the past there were many popular legends built around birth. Caves, ravines, and fountains were the ideal places to explain to the very young where children were “bought”. In the Busa… continue in the book