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    Path 989 of the Carmine Valley

    Hiking and religious tradition in the mountains of Miane

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Time: 3h 30’
  • Length: km 9,3
  • Altitude: m 830
  • Starting point:
    Miane, sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine
  • Starting / ending point coordinates:
    45°57’1.18″N 12° 4’31.22″E


We are in the impervious mountain area of Miane, silent places of incomparable beauty, rich in religious charm given the presence of a shrine and a cave dedicated to the Virgin. Path 989… continue in the book

Fun facts:
Next to the shrine stands a disused building that was once the home of a hermit. The figure of the hermit, “romit” in local dialect, has dragged on continuously until… continue in the book